Leasing market 2017

Estonia, as a member of EU is greatly influenced by world economy especially economic trends and political instability in EU as well as in the neighboring country's.

In 2017 GDP growth was 4,9%. Our unemployment rate of 5,8% was one of the smallest compared the last five years. Inflation rate was 3,4%. Average salary 1 221 euro. 

New leasing business carried out in 2017 by members of our Association was 1 200 million EUR. It was a growth of 10% compared to 2016.

Total lease portfolio of the members was 2,5 billion EUR, with a growth of 10%.

The main contract type according to the lease portfolio was finance lease (55%). Operating lease held 40% and hire purchase as much as 5%.

When observing lease new sales by assets, then Big Ticket lease growth was the biggest with 92%. Vehicle sector growth was 16%. Machinery and equipment sector growth was 35.

Analyzing equipment leasing in 2017 by type of customers shows clearly, that in the construction and industry sector was the biggest growth by 12,4% and private sector by 28,5%. Private sector holds the biggest share of the whole portfolio by 65%.
Agriculture, forestry, fishing sector was declining by 3,4%, Public sector with a decline of 12%.

Primary contract terms show that 66% of the contracts were signed for 3-5 years. 

Most of our members are also offering factoring. In 2017 total factoring turnover was 2,9 billion EUR. Residuals reached to 378 million EUR, growing by 17%.

Lease financing still plays significant part in Estonian economy. According to the valuation of the Association and World Leasing Yearbook the annual leasing volume of Estonia, as a percentage of GDP has been world highest for more than last ten years (source: WLY as of 4,97%  in 2016).

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